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What People are Saying
about Nadine

“Nadine has an exceptional ability to bring transformation and light to our bodies. She brings beauty and power to the different modalities she teaches. I have taken Quantum Flow and Kundalini sessions with her and have received very powerful activations. I highly recommend working with this light warrior.”

– Edith Prefontaine, Quantum Flow Practioner

“Nadine is a wonderful Kundalini yoga and quantum flow teacher. Her classes are transformative and have deep effects on the body, mind and soul. Going to Nadine’s classes feels like taking a shower of light and love. I always leave with a profound sense of calm and happiness. I actually even became a Kundalini yoga and Quanum Flow teacher because of my experience with Nadine !!! Thank you so much”

– Magali Seng, Kundalini Teacher & Quantum Flow Practioner

“Thank you so much for the Quantum Flow session! It was so amazing to experience and “play” with the energy field to cleanse, adjust & embody my power. You are an amazing listener & teacher and know exactly how to lead one to make a shift.”

– Sindija Johnson Kundalini Yoga teacher

“Several years ago, I was called to the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Nadine appeared. After the first class, the power of KY was clear. The practice offers significant stress release and heightened consciousness. Nadine’s experience and knowledge of Yoga comes through in her strong, pure and uplifting sessions. She is able to offer a profound experience that allows you to gain deeper insight into your truest Self.
I’m grateful to have connected with Nadine. She was an incredible source of support and inspiration on my spiritual development; always encouraging my practice and offering light when challenges arose.

If you have any interest in kundalini yoga, self exploration and the great mysteries of life, I highly recommend taking a class with Nadine!”

-Marni Burbela, Kundalini Teacher

“I highly recommend Nadine’s LOVE OF MY LIFE course for all! It’s a beautiful way to build yourself up, to enhance your relationship and to call your love in. I also wanted to share this video I did for the Love of My Life Course which was my Soul work! My Magnificent I am.”

– Suzanne Warfield
  Kundalini Yoga teacher/Artist

“Nadine’s classes are like a mini vacation for me, a magical moment in time where I let go of all the stress and receive renewed energy to face the day. I have followed Nadine and taken her classes for the past 4 years and will continue to do so since I keep growing!”

Anna G, Artist

Doing Kundalini Yoga with Nadine literally saved me. I was going through the toughest time in my life, my ears had been blocked for 3 years straight (like when you're on an airplane) with no professional knowing what to do to help me - until I met Nadine, and she listened to me, understood what I was going through and gave me some special techniques, mantras and exercises to practice. Then, DURING one of her classes, she did this mantra/exercise where we were standing up, visualizing a line of golden light through one ear and out the other - to infinite on both sides - and I believe there was music or a mantra that was accompanying it - and suddenly, I kid you not, I heard a tiny gentle whistling in my ears, and they UNBLOCKED! I had tears in my eyes, I couldn't believe it. This happened ON THE SPOT! It was such a relief! Can you imagine? My ears have been cleared ever since. I am forever grateful. Kundalini Yoga, especially with Nadine is the best yoga I have ever tried and I'm so happy to be reconnecting with her during this time over zoom, to keep it going - I will be encouraging my daughter to get into it as well.

Victoria Stefania SanchezActor Writer and Producer
“Nadine’s Kundalini and Quantum Flow classes are very supportive and inspiring and encourage me to do my art. Sometimes I cry. I don’t know why but it feels good. I let go as I follow Nadine’s classes.”

– Bruce Roberts, Artist

“My love work is slowly evolving. I find a peacefulness each time I do the burning of negative blockages. I seem to be encountering more women day to day in my travels out and about. I feel like I am being given practice time in each instance. I feel quite comfortable and at peace in these moments, whereas before I would be nervous and unsure. Overall my sense of myself and my dominion is clearer and calmer.

I appreciate many of the exercises and words Nadine has given me, especially the sage, king, god mantra. I can feel an energy, I can feel “her” quite clearly as I listen to our story and the recordings of the love letters. She has substance! I think I might have cracked the code this time. This Love work with Nadine has changed my words from “I hope…” to “I know…”. I am not just hoping the love of my life will show up, I now know she will… wow! All of this work is staying with me; for that I am grateful. Thank you Nadine for this most marvelous of gifts.”

– Ken Matheson (Private Client)

“I am very proud of having completed a 30 day nourish cleanse program with Nadine and a new circle of friends. My objective was to create new lifestyle habits to maintain my vitality and positivity in face of adversity, given my spouse’s new health realities requiring chemotherapy. I thoroughly enjoyed doing an early morning kundalini yoga practice, preparing kitchari and vegan meals  and drinking yummy smoothies every day. The support of Nadine and the circle were definitely enablers. As a result I feel much better in my body, having increased by flexibility and lost 20 pounds. My mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resilience have also improved significantly. Having committed to this program helped me increase my confidence in being a good caregiver and in maintaining vitality and positivity in my life overall”

Nourish Body of Light Cleanse with Nadine

“This is my second Body Cleanse with Nadine.
The experience is truly complete, as it touches not only the digestive organs, but has multiple effects on our body, spirit and our relationships with others! It’s a great experience that I want to renew for the next solstice and equinox! At first, it may seem pretty intense, but we get used to waking up quite early and doing the morning body rituals, to do a kundalini/quantum flow practice right after with the group and to pursue the day by integrating very healthy eating habits that are quite sustaining!

Seeing I have daily chronic pain in my body, I was able to observe how the cleanse helped in getting rid of the body pains after a few days of the practice. For me this is quite amazing! This really shows me how our eating habits are directly linked to our well-being. And this is one element among others that make this cleanse a fantastic practice to do every three months! I realize how important it is to take time in taking care of my body, my spirit and my mind.
Thank you Nadine for offering us this beautiful practice!”

Nourish Body of Light Cleanse with Nadine


"This was the 3rd time I have participated in Nadine’s Nourish Cleanse and I Iove it! It’s an immersive experience, not a diet. I can’t follow diets, I always break all the rules but this is more a lifestyle shift, it’s easy and fun to do and the benefits are seen immediately. I plan to do it over and over again every season!"


“Practicing (Kundalini + Quantum flow) with Nadine woke something up from deep within me. For the first time ever, I felt my energy emanating from me tangibly -A warm pulsing, bubbling feeling throughout the palms of my hands and fingers -This sensation gave me a sense of power in that I could truly manipulate energy. I am now able to tune into that power consistently.

My takeaway from the Nourish Body of Light cleanse, is that it allowed me to make a substantial shift in the way I eat. I have a renewed appreciation of what I choose to put in my body and how it makes me feel. I am more mindful in my approach -looking at food and eating as something that makes me feel -not just taste, therefore being better able to see through instant gratification that provides a temporary pleasure versus high vibrational foods that truly nourish and transform into pure light energy.”


Nourish Body of Light Cleanse with Nadine

“I never thought I could really do this cleanse but it was easy! I succeeded and now weeks after, I am still drinking the lemon water and taking cold showers. Can’t wait for the next cleanse!! I want to do it all the time now. It has helped me be more mindful with my intake of food and much more!! Thank you for a beautiful cleanse!!”

Nourish Body of Light Cleanse with Nadine

“Nadine’s Nourish cleanse was amazing for me. It was my second time and I really enjoy the discipline that I receive with this program. And of course Nadine leading us with the Kundalini master set, and the breathing every morning for 21 days is powerful. We even extended the cleanse to 30 days! My intention was to find unity within me and towards the end of the cleanse answers came to me, I was more clear on what I needed to see within myself and what I needed to heal. So, oh my god, I just can’t wait for the next one! I also lost weight without trying and felt like fasting on water at the end to go deeper which was wonderful!”

Nourish Body of Light Cleanse with Nadine