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Uplift, illuminate, transform and heal.

Nadine is a Quantum Flow, Kundalini yoga and Spiritual teacher. She imparts deep spiritual wisdom from over 25 years of yogic, transformational and inner mastery.

She began practicing yoga over two decades years ago in Toronto with master Ashtanga Yoga teachers Diane Bruni and Ron Reid. She fell in love with yoga and meditation along with chanting sacred mantras which she incorporates into her daily meditation practice. After practicing Ashtanga Yoga for 7 years, Nadine turned to Kundalini Yoga which she embraced full heartedly and forms the basis of her unique spiritual and yogic offering.

Her vision is to inspire clients to live unconditionally happy & creative lives while realizing their highest potential and destiny on the planet. Nadine’s teachings and classes provide a safe haven to experience profound physical, emotional and spiritual healing and transformation.

Nadine met her Satguru Thuli Baba in 2008 and became immersed in a daily sadhana of Advaita Vedanda through meditation and chanting of sacred texts. Nadine’s Kundalini yoga and meditation teachings incorporate the great wisdom and infinite light of her spiritual Satguru as well as the art, technology & science of yogic awareness as taught by Yogi Bhajan and Guru Jagat. In 2020 Nadine became a certified Quantum Flow Practitioner.  After extensive training with Juanpa Barahona she has added Quantum Flow to her unique offerings.

Nadine is a multidimensional conscious media creatrix, mystic, writer, artist and producer at the helm of Kamafilms,
a boutique production company. She lives in Georgeville Quebec at Bluehills Farm, her family’s organic farm and spiritual oasis. Her life mission is to uplift, illuminate, transform and heal this world through the practice of awareness, surrender and love. Nadine’s daily commitment is to be a leader in the awakening of humanity one heart and soul at a time!